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Our competencies in the electronics sector include high-accuracy placement of complex electronic components, high-speed production, implementation of multiple and strict quality control standards.Read More
Prisma Electronics spends over 25% of its revenues on R&D activities. In cooperation with our partners, private companies, government consortiums and institutional clients, Prisma has developed a reputation for extending the partner-relationship from 'present-based' to 'forward-looking' future products and services Read More
Prisma Electronics and its dynamic partner-network provide highly advanced integrated IT systems and customized solutions, supported by advanced follow-on services – regardless of the size and complexity of your organization Read More


Building Solutions To Advance Your Business


xen logo smallXenagos is a knowledge management system that synthesizes and produces context-aware visitor experiences and guided tours that are adaptable to multiple target audiences, visitor profiles, and new media platforms

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laros shipLaros is an innovative platform that enables remote monitoring and analysis of vessels operational parameters.The LAROS system is a versatile tool that provides diagnosis, prognosis and early warning...

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prs logoPrismaSense is a smart-sensor wireless network technology that enables condition-based monitoring of installations where wired infrastructure is not feasible and power consumption is critical.

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Prisma Electronics SA introducing LAROS at nOR 2015

NOR SHIPPING 2015, one of the world's largest maritime exhibitions is almost upon us. Prisma Electronics SA is proud to invite you to this major maritime event which will be held at the Norges Varemesse Exhibition Hall, Lillestrøm from 2-5 June 2015, in Oslo, Norway.

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Launching to Space

Prisma Electronics will play a crucial role in the new ESA-funded program aimed to design and produce a PPU (Power Processing Unit) for use in space satellites systems that will pool the talent and resources of Greek, Italian companies and research centers.

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The New MyData MY200DX

Prisma Electronics welcomed the New Year with a significant investment in its electronics division, with the successful installation of our new MyData MY200DX Assembler, the first of its kind in Greece.

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