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Electronics Assembly

The Electronics Sector employs experienced and qualified personnel, trained in JSTD - 001 and IPC-WHMA-620 standards, focused on providing high-quality services in the design, production, and support of electronics production.

The production line consists of modern electronics assembly systems. The characteristics are high precision, high speed of placement of complex components and components verification on the fly.

The electronics assembly process is characterized by multiple and strict quality controls at all stages of the production.

Assembly services cover:

  • PCB assembly with:
    Surface mount technology (SMT) with +/- 0.035mm accuracy or/and Conventional technology (THT)
  • SMD Placement: 01005 up to QFP's and BGA's (max. 56 x 56 x 15mm)
  • Assembly with respect to environmental regulations (RoHS)
  • Cables harnessing
  • Integrated solutions for electronic devices
  • Technical Support Services

Specialized Services include:

  • Coating
  • Climatic test chamber
  • Isolation & Continuity test
  • Functional test Support Services
  • Technical advice on mass production issues
  • Supply of electronic components and printed circuit boards

Indicative Projects:


Prisma Electronics participated in the CMS for the manufacturing of 5500 hybrids for the Preshower Detector. This project required high quality and reliable manufacturing of electronic circuits that would stand for at least 15 years of continuous operation in a radioactive environment of 10 Mrad, with 4 Tesla magnetic field and ambient temperature from -10 to -20 C assuming zero probability for maintenance - repair.
Prisma Electronics achieved a defective rate of less than 0.02% that is to say almost 100% success which led the Company to be awarded the Gold Award for Industry CMS for 2009.

Manufacturing for Medicine

Prisma Electronics SA has undertaken, on behalf of a medical device manufacturer, the production of electronic circuits which are incorporated in drug delivery medical devices.
The assembly of electronic circuits is performed with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and includes numerous strict quality controls.
The manufacturer’s design, the use of high-tech components and the qualitative production by Prisma Electronics have established the product worldwide.

Manufacturing for Defense

Prisma Electronics has participated in the Manufacturing of Electronic Devices (TECAB), which are used to control the wiring of the tank Leopard 2, under the Co-production Project in Greece of the KMW tank.

The TECAB Devices were produced based on military specifications and were delivered successfully to the Contractor Aerotech Telub (SAAB), SWE after complex functionality and stress tests.

Prisma Electronics works in close cooperation with:



Prisma Electronics SA
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