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Research & Development

Prisma Electronics spends over 25% of its revenues on R&D activities. In cooperation with our partners, private companies, government consortiums and institutional clients, Prisma Electronics has developed a reputation for extending the partner-relationship from 'present-based' to 'forward-looking' future products and services. This commitment to research has enabled our company to consistently remain at the forefront of technology while expanding our base into sectors throughout the commercial and industrial landscape. In addition to our own product lines, Prisma Electronics serves its partners as a third-party contractor for design and development of through applied knowledge and add-on proficiencies.

Our key activities include:

• Analog and Digital electronic design
• RF design
• Embedded Software (C, C++, Embedded Linux, Windows CE & mobile)
• FPGA development
• Wireless communication protocols (ZigBee, Wifi)
• IT on Microsoft technologies (.NET, C#, WPF, WCF, ASP, Compact framework
• Data Base development (Oracle and SQL Server)


Our synergies and partnerships include

more than 100 universities worldwide, including such prestigious institutions as Univ. Henri Poincare, Vaxjo University, University of Patras, University of Pisa, NTUAthens, NTU Munchen, ITE Crete, and the University of Rome. Prisma is also involved with numerous Industrial Research Centers throughout Europe: Fiat R&D Centre, Volvo Technology AB, Thales, and Kleeman, and Ultra-national Research Centers such as: CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Energy, Geneve, CH), ESA (European Space Agency), Nordwijk, NL, and NCSR Demokritos Athens.

Indicative Projects


Nowadays, abrupt climatic and edaphic alterations  have dramatically disrupted the normal function of the “environmental cycles”, as that of the water and nitrogen cycle etc. Phenomena like the “greenhouse effect” and the “eutrophication” induce the need for continuous monitoring and recording of abiotic factors (such as air and soil temperature, moisture etc.) that are the main contributors for the climatic and edaphic alterations.

Based on those abrupt alterations, ecosystems unable to acclimatize and adapt in time, resulting in difficulties in surviving. The most fragile ecosystems in maintaining their ecological balance are the forest ecosystems, due to their complexity by the increased levels of biodiversity. More about Valasia at

The project was co-funded by national and Community resources and resulted from the proclamation of Action COOPERATION 2009, funded by the Operational Programme 'Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship' (OPCII).


EDUSAFE is a 4-year Marie Curie ITN project that focuses on research into the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality during planned and emergency maintenance in extreme environments (nuclear installations, space, deep sea etc).

In this project Prisma Electronics had a mission to develop a monitoring system using its corporate technology PrismaSense which relies on wireless smart sensor networks to monitor physical quantities (radiation, temperature, humidity, CO2, oxygen, air pressure, smoke, heart frequency, blood pressure, movement) and manages audio and video signals, so that supervisors get the full picture in real time, interact and intervene immediately.

Sending-receiving data is carried out by a portable transmitter unit (PTU) which is adjusted on the belt of each technician and is manufactured by Prisma Electronics.


MEPS (Micro‐satellite Electric Propulsion System) is a three year programme aimed at the qualification of a propulsion subsystem based on a low power Hall Effect Thruster.
Prisma Electronics, as a subcontractor for lead partner Alta (Italy), will supervise the design and delivery of prototypes of the MEPS Power Processing Unit (PPU), in conjunction with 2 more Greek companies, Sitael Hellas and Inasco, in a program which is expected to last 33 months.

"For the first time in Greece we have created a standardized environment, which can produce certified electronic systems for use in space," Thanasis Potsis (President of the Greek Union of Industries of Space Technology and Applications 'EVIDITE').

Prisma Electronics is an active member of:



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