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Minister for Research and Technology at Prisma Electronics

The industrial unit of Prisma Electronics SA in the Industrial Area of Alexandroupolis was visited on Monday, 13th of November 2017, by the Alternate Minister for Research & Innovation Costas Fotakis, before his participation to the 6th Regional Conference for Productive Reconstruction in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

Mr. Fotakis was introduced to the Company facilities, where he was presented to the electronics manufacturing capabilities in Space projects, CERN and commercial applications, using cutting-edge technologies for the development of complex systems. Emphasizing on the number and quality of research projects, the R&D Sector briefly presented the corporate research work, both in National and European level, as well as the effort to acquire knowhow for the development of innovative corporate products. The Minister showed particular interest in the dynamic of Prisma Electronics, which has crossed the National borders raising the Country worldwide, while encouraging the Company to continue setting high goals.

Based on the best practice “from Research to Development”, Mr. Fotakis referred to the effort of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs to provide effective incentives to mature Researchers and knowledge-intensive Enterprises, to engage in R&D activities by collaborating closely with the academic community, targeting to reduce the brain drain from Greece, as well as the development of new, innovative products, which will penetrate new markets with their competitive advantages.

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